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My Journal


Tonight I have sneak-preview passes to "The Hitchhiker's Guide" movie.  I'm soooo excited... I loved the books in the series and can't wait to see how they're going to translate it to the screen.  There was an attempt by the BBC a while back ago to turn it into a mini-series, but that didn't last that long since the special effects just really couldn't keep up with the story.  What makes this night even more exciting is that "D" told me last night he has a surprise for me... a BIG one.... I hate AND love this.  The suspense is killing me (and he knows it), but it always makes me so happy to get something from him.  Doesn't really matter what it is, because what makes me happiest is knowing that he was thinking about me when he got/bought/made whatever it is.  I'm so excited... I wish that I could get to Vana'diel so that I'd have something to keep me occupied until then.  Stupid network problems..... oh well, got to go to a doctor's appointment soon anyway.