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I found this poem on another site and felt that this poem was very powerful and struck true to the heart of the Submissive Woman.  Due to a poorly timed power outage, I was unable to seek out the author of this particular piece and cannot seem to find the original website, so if you have any information on it I would be very pleased to hear from you.

The Submissive Woman

They told me - You are Woman
.....Go out and conquer the world
They said - be strong
.....Don't betray your Sisters
You don't need a man
You are sufficient unto yourself
They told me 'submissive' is wrong
.....and degrading
..........that I need bow to no man

I lived that truth

Strong, Independent, Intelligent, Capable, In Charge, In Control......

Until - a new truth

You told me - you are woman
.....Go out and conquer the world
..........Then come home and sit at my feet

You said - come to me in strength
.....and I will protect you
..........and celebrate your strength

You said - kneel before me
.....give me your woman's body for my pleasure
and I will raise you from kneeling heights you never imagined

You said - let me into those locked rooms
.....give me access
Trust Me with every part of you
.....and I will treasure it all

You said - there are more truths in this world,
.....and revealed them to me

and because of you
.....I am forever changed

This next poem is my own work and is my first attempt at expressing these types of feelings in this format, so please, go easy on me.


He took away my sight,
But I could see his soul
He tightly bound my hands,
And then he took control

 He took away my breath-
All I could take was him.
He whispered in my ear-
The pain would now begin.

 He took away my fear
And then he kissed my lips
He brushed the leather over me
Before striking at my hips

 He took away my silence
And made me scream in pain
And in this moment of abandon
The world again felt sane.

 He took away my nightmares
He took away my shame
He took away my heartache
Then he gave me a new name…